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A website purely dedicated to ‘the science of women’s pleasure’, OMGyes has been revolutionising the online face of the female orgasm.

Season One offers practical techniques to enhance clitoral pleasure, solo or as a couple. Over 60 short videos, 12 touchable simulations and dozens of infographics.

Glass Dildo Set

Crafted to deliver ultimate pleasure, the borosilicate glass twosome complement one another with very different stimulation styles. Each features twin tips, so there are four styles to choose from, from the twice-bulbed or nodule-laden length of the pink dildo, to the tapered bulbed tip or S-shaped beaded bend of the clear dildo.

Water Based Lubricant

Made from organic aloe vera, YES WB is one of the finest water-based lubes on the market. Sensuous, skin nourishing and moisturising, YES lubricants offer you the discretion of products which, unlike many other lubes, draw no attention to themselves through smell, taste or colour.

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